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Re: Netbooting Trouble with 712/100

On 02/19/13 05:08, aaron%zadzmo.org@localhost wrote:
Hello all:

I'm trying to netboot an HP 712/100 but it's giving me trouble. This network is
having no trouble booting sparc64, alpha, and amd64 machines but this HP just
won't go.

Here's an entry I have to netboot my b160l

host stan {
        # HP/9000 b160l
        hardware ethernet 00:60:b0:18:95:14;
        filename "b160.lif";
        #filename "C7120023.frm";
        next-server     arthur;
        server-name     arthur;
        option root-path "/usr/exports/stan/root";
        fixed-address stan;

The typical attempt looks like this on the wire:

23:55:44.355576 > xid:0x500eae02 [|bootp]

23:55:44.363792 > xid:0x500eae02
Y: S: [|bootp] (DF)

23:55:46.364620 > xid:0x500eae02 secs:2 [|bootp]

23:55:46.372827 > xid:0x500eae02 secs:2
Y: S: [|bootp] (DF)

23:55:51.373736 > xid:0x500eae02 secs:7 [|bootp]

I guess the reply isn't liked.
If I run 'search' on the boot admin menu of the HP, it gives me the IP address
of the DHCP server, so I know it's receiving traffic. It just won't "go" for
some reason, and I'm not seeing any error or diagnostic messages outside of
'boot failed'.

It should report the tftp server where the kernel is held.

Any ideas or well known gotchas?


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