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Re: HP 9000 Series 332 support. Hardware request.

On Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 2:02 PM, Miod Vallat <miod%online.fr@localhost> wrote:
> That's a start. Please try and confirm it displays correctly on a real
> CRT.

So the display in the left half of the screen and I think it is about
the same as it was when it thought it was 1024x400.
This particular board has the video memory of the 1024x768 model so
I'm guessing it is using every other byte or something to render the
512x400 mode.  I need to test different stride values and see.

> I am curious which font size the PROM is using; maybe I should have kept
> the PROM font for small (< 640x480) display areas, instead of
> unconditionaly forcing the use of wsfont.

The PROM font is definitely much larger.  I'll try to get a couple of
photos showing the differences right now.

> Your diff looks ok, but I'd rather move the colormap shunt logic within
> topcat_setcolor() rather than around its callers.

Ok, that would probably be cleaner looking, I'll change it.


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