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Re: HP 9000 Series 332 support. Hardware request.

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 12:41 PM, Miod Vallat <miod%online.fr@localhost> wrote:
>> Ok, another question.  If I add an intio attachment for 'gendiofb' is
>> it likely to work for this device?
>> "fb at intio0 not configured"
> IIRC the 332 frame buffer is a 1-bit topcat. Do you have
>   topcat* at intio?
>   wsdisplay* at topcat?
> in your kernel configuration file?

Attaching topcat panics the kernel in topcat_setcolor.  It appears to
be any write to members of 'tc' is causing the trap.
The 'tc' pointer is:
volatile struct tcboxfb *tc = (struct tcboxfb *)fb->regkva;

My initial guess would be some of those registers don't exist on my
332's fb.  I added a 'return' at the top of topcat_setcolor and it
doesn't panic and seems to attach a 1024x400 framebuffer.  It is
really 512x400 and I haven't hooked up a monitor yet to see if
anything actually happened.  Will do that later today/tonight.


[backtrace below]
db> tr
cpu_Debugger(0,2700,76d,10dba0,168bc4) + 6
vpanic(fead1,168bd0,168c40,a183a,fead1) + 1d2
panic(fead1,0,168de4,efd4c,11d1a9c) + c
trap(168c58,0,76d,2da002) + 20e
topcat_setcolor(11f2808,0,11d1a80,168de4,11f2800) + 96
do_sys_accept(11f2808,ffffffff,2d4000) + ae
topcat_intio_attach(11d1a80,11d1180,168de4,11ee028,24) + 48
config_found_sm_loc(11d1a80,10af6c,0,168de4,2c53c) + 196
config_found(11d1a80,168de4,2c53c,168de4,f1b8d,8) + 16
intioattach(11d1c00,11d1a80,0,11ee000,24) + c2
config_attach_loc(11d1c00,10aedc,0,0,0) + 196
config_attach(11d1c00,10aedc,0,0) + 16
mainbussearch(11d1c00,10aedc,0,0) + 2c
config_search_loc(2862,11d1c00,f06d2,0,0) + 82
config_search_ia(2862,11d1c00,f06d2,0,f7a46) + 16
mainbusattach(0,11d1c00,0,11ee000,24) + 20
config_attach_loc(0,10aec4,0,0,0) + 196
config_attach(0,10aec4,0,0) + 16
config_rootfound(f06d2,0) + 2c
cpu_configure(c,ffffffff,ffffffff,167000,ffeffffc) + 2a
trap: bad kernel read access at 0x0
trap type 8, code = 0x402077d, v = 0x0
kernel program counter = 0x11732
kernel: MMU fault trap

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