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Re: HP 9000 Series 332 support. Hardware request.

On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 2:52 PM, Miod Vallat <miod%online.fr@localhost> wrote:
>> Either it's really displaying 1024x400, or we need to check for a 98544
>> prentending to be wider than twice its height, and halve the width in
>> this case.
> ... even better, the real 98544 reports 1024x768, so a ``98544''
> reporting an height of 400 would be the HP332 on-board frame buffer, and
> can be reported as such, with its geometry corrected.

Ok good to know.  I believe, based on the HP 332 Service Information
Manual, that by default the 332 ships with the equivalent of an HP
98542A medium resolution monochrome video board.  That is a 512x400
board.  If the upgrade kit is installed I believe it should then be
the equivalent of the HP 98544B.  The upgrade consists of a pixel
clock crystal and a replacement ROM.

I will add the check for 'planes > 1' that David suggested and also
adjust the width when the height is 400.


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