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Re: HP 9000 Series 332 support. Hardware request.

> Ok, trying to read causes a trap, not just write.
> What seems to work is tc->regs. objects like fbid, frame buffer /
> display dimensions etc.
> What is broken is tc->{plane_mask,cindex,rdata,gdata,bdata,strobe} and
> 'tccm_waitbusy' as well.

Makes sense. Since it is a 1bpp frame buffer, all the colormap logic is
missing. Note that it is present on the 318, but the cpu board is larger
so it is likely that only the 332 had a need for this part to be

> Any ideas how to detect this limited topcat and not access
> non-existent registers?  I don't have an HP332 option or HP_332 model
> id at this point.  There is too much magic cookie stuff in locore.s
> for model number recognition for me to figure it out.
> I would think if tc->num_planes==1 we could skip the topcat_setcolor
> stuff but I don't really know.

Yes, I think it should be safe to skip all colormap operations if
sc->sc_fb->planes == 1. That would affect topcat_setcolor() only anyway.


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