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Re: HP 9000 Series 332 support. Hardware request.

On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 12:10 PM, Andrew Gillham <gillham%gmail.com@localhost> 
> Attaching topcat panics the kernel in topcat_setcolor.  It appears to
> be any write to members of 'tc' is causing the trap.

Ok, trying to read causes a trap, not just write.
What seems to work is tc->regs. objects like fbid, frame buffer /
display dimensions etc.
What is broken is tc->{plane_mask,cindex,rdata,gdata,bdata,strobe} and
'tccm_waitbusy' as well.

With a return at the top of topcat_setcolor() and the monitor hooked
up, serial console disabled it comes right up.  The display seems to
work fine in the minimal tests I did before switching back to serial

Any ideas how to detect this limited topcat and not access
non-existent registers?  I don't have an HP332 option or HP_332 model
id at this point.  There is too much magic cookie stuff in locore.s
for model number recognition for me to figure it out.
I would think if tc->num_planes==1 we could skip the topcat_setcolor
stuff but I don't really know.


NetBSD 6.1.1_PATCH (HP332) #22: Fri Sep 27 13:44:32 PDT 2013
HP 9000/340 (16.67MHz MC68030 CPU+MMU, 16.67MHz MC68882 FPU)
total memory = 5108 KB
avail memory = 3200 KB
mainbus0 (root)
intio0 at mainbus0
rtc0 at intio0 addr 0x420000
hil0 at intio0 addr 0x428000 ipl 1
nhpib1 at intio0 addr 0x478000 ipl 3: internal HP-IB
hpibbus1 at nhpib1
dma0 at intio0 addr 0x500000 ipl 1: 98620C, 2 channels, 32-bit DMA
topcat0 at intio0 addr 0x560000: 1024x400 monochrome HP98544 topcat frame buffer
wsdisplay0 at topcat0 kbdmux 1
dio0 at mainbus0
com0 at dio0 scode 9 ipl 5: ns8250 or ns16450, no fifo
com0: console
le0 at dio0 scode 21 ipl 5: address 08:00:09:12:34:56
le0: 8 receive buffers, 2 transmit buffers
hilkbd0 at hil0 code 1: 109-key keyboard, layout 1f
wskbd0 at hilkbd0 mux 1
boot device: le0
root on le0
nfs_boot: trying BOOTP

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