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Re: DC dev: requirements?

> I'm guessing you've seen Marcus Comstedt's Dreamast software site.

I hadn't, actually.  Thank you for the pointer.  Now that I know what
to look for, I can see a link to it on the NetBSD Dreamcast page, but I
must have just not tried that one - most of the ones I tried were 404,
and the one that wasn't wasn't informative.  Are you the Josh mentioned
in them?  If so, you might want to check out the dreamcast pages and
let www@ know what should be kept, changed, and tossed of your stuff.

I'm wandering around Marcus's pages now, and they look extremely
informative (so far - I haven't looked at more than a few pages, but
since they appear to be done by someone with clue who's still around
and caring about them, I'm not worried).

> If you want to continue down the path of burning CDs with kernels and
> such, you should probably check out Marcus' site:

I will/am!  I don't expect to do all that much burning of CDs, at least
until I've learnt enough to actually build myself something reasonably
standalone, like a minimal game.  But I'm going to have to burn a few,
and I really hate the idea of using binary blobs I don't understand for
anything.  For the moment I suspect the serial port will be my
principal means of communication with the outside world, since I have
neither of the network interfaces (my Dreamcast came with a modem in
the extension port).  Not good for shoveling lots of data back and
forth, but plenty good enough for a lot of exploratory fiddling.

> I haven't touched my Dreamcast in years except to play actual _games_
> on it.  I should maybe see about building the latest version of
> NetBSD for it...

Well, I can give you the output of 4.0.1 build.sh's "release" option,
now, at least if you consider my tweaked 4.0.1 to be of interest.  If
you'd rather a stock 4.0.1, I can do that too, though it'll take a
little longer because I'll have to put a stock source tree on the build
machine and rerun the build.  Not the latest, but a lot closer than the
2002 stuff I'm finding knocking around.

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