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Re: DC dev: requirements?

> FYI, cdrtools binaries on NetBSD (or even on Cygwin) are enough.

Hm, something went wrong for me.

I unpacked the .tar.gz and (think I) followed the instructions from the
NetBSD dreamcast howto.  I had audio.raw, 705600 zero bytes, and
netbsd-kernel.raw, 937984 bytes with MD5
e3560db181d3a6ba71b1c7f830b5965d, extracted from
http://www.schnarff.com/netbsd/dreamcast-kernel.tar.gz.  I did

cdrecord dev=/dev/rcd0d:@ -multi -audio audio.raw
cdrecord dev=/dev/rcd0d:@ -multi -xa1 netbsd-kernel.raw

(with cdrecord 2.01).  When I put the resulting disc in my dreamcast,
it appeared to think it was an audio disc.  Even using the "play this
game" menu item just drops into the audio player.  cdparanoia finds one
audio track and NetBSD's CD driver finds one data track, so I feel
reasonably sure the audio/data split is right, but I am suspicious that
something is wrong with the data track.

The audio track appears to have worked fine; the original file is
705600 zero bytes, and reading the audio track with paranoia produces
710304 zero bytes - the size difference is exactly two audio sectors,
which I think is the correct amount of padding.

But the data track is reported by disklabel as having size 359844,
which can't be right for a file 937984 bytes long.  And when I try to
read it with "dd if=/dev/rcd0a bs=2048" dd complains about "Invalid
argument" on its first read.  I've been unable to read the data track
as data, so I can't compare contents.

After the dreamcast failed to boot it, I tried

cdrecord dev=/dev/rcd0d:@ -fix

but that didn't change the observed behaviour - I don't really
understand CD formats; this was a guess based on raeding the cdrecord

My unit was made (or at least is marked as having been made) July 1999,
in case that matters.

So, I'm wondering whether I did something wrong, or am just unlucky in
some respect, or what.  There quite possibly isn't enough information
here to tell; I can investigate further, given suitable guidance.

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