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Re: DC dev: requirements?

>> FYI, cdrtools binaries on NetBSD (or even on Cygwin) are enough.
> Hm, something went wrong for me.
> [...]

Turns out the problem was misleading documentation.

After writing that, I got to thinking.  The howto specifically says
that "[i]n cdrecord 2.01 the option "-xa1" has been renamed to "-xa".".
But it also says that "[t]he man page for cdrecord should show which
option you need to create the CD-R in XA mode 2 form 1, 2048 bytes per

The manpage I have does not list -xa, and describes -xa1 as being
"CD-ROM XA mode 1", saying "[t]he data is a multiple of 2048 byts".  So
I used -xa1 on my first attempt.

But I notice that what I have is supposed to be 2.01, in which the
howto says -xa1 has been renamed.  So I tried cdrecord -help.  It lists
-xa, describes it as being what the howto wants, and says -xa1 is
similar but with 2056-byte sectors.  So I tried burning another disc,
this time using -xa instead of -xa1.

The result boots.  I get NetBSD autoconf messages briefly, then the
machine resets, immediately enough that I haven't managed to read the
last few lines (which presumably would give at least some hint why it's
failing).  Perhaps because I have no keyboard, perhaps because I have a
modem instead of an Ethernet, perhaps something else - I don't know.

So, my question mutates a bit: what processing do I have to perform on
a kernel to turn it into a data track suitable for burning like the
netbsd-kernel.raw file from that www.schnarff.com tarball?  It's not a
9660 filesystem, and unfortunately most of the promising-looking links
in the howto are now 404.

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