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Re: DC dev: requirements?

der Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> writes:

> The manpage I have does not list -xa, and describes -xa1 as being
> "CD-ROM XA mode 1", saying "[t]he data is a multiple of 2048 byts".  So
> I used -xa1 on my first attempt.

Even if the manpage had been correct, the track needs to be mode 2,
not mode 1.  Yes, the different modes and forms are a bit confusing,
especially when they rename the options...

> So, my question mutates a bit: what processing do I have to perform on
> a kernel to turn it into a data track suitable for burning like the
> netbsd-kernel.raw file from that www.schnarff.com tarball?  It's not a
> 9660 filesystem, and unfortunately most of the promising-looking links
> in the howto are now 404.

Actually, it is a 9660 filesystem.  It's just that it doesn't start at
sector 150 like most 9660 filesystems do, because it's not the first
track of the disc.  A 9660 filesystem contains references to absolute
sector numbers, not relative to the beginning of the track.  So in
order for a program like isoinfo to analyze an image file, it needs to
know which absolute sector number it's supposed to start on (with 150
being the implicit default).  It will typically be something like
11702 on a disc with a minial audio track in the first session.  So
you need to use the -N flag to tell isoinfo this offset.

Also, if you make your own 9660 filesystem, you must remember to copy
the bootstrap (the initial 16 sectors) from another image, or create
your own using the "makeip" program.

  // Marcus

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