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Re: DC dev: requirements?


I'm guessing you've seen Marcus Comstedt's Dreamast software site. I built a few bootable Dreamcast CDs several years ago...Then got tired of making CDs for every update and burned an IP Upload Slave CD.

If you want to continue down the path of burning CDs with kernels and such, you should probably check out Marcus' site:


You'll probably want to pay particular attention to the IP creator and 1ST_READ.BIN scrambler.

Hopefully that helps.

I haven't touched my Dreamcast in years except to play actual _games_ on it. I should maybe see about building the latest version of NetBSD for it...



On 10/4/10 12:34 AM, der Mouse wrote:
FYI, cdrtools binaries on NetBSD (or even on Cygwin) are enough.
Hm, something went wrong for me.
Turns out the problem was misleading documentation.

After writing that, I got to thinking.  The howto specifically says
that "[i]n cdrecord 2.01 the option "-xa1" has been renamed to "-xa".".
But it also says that "[t]he man page for cdrecord should show which
option you need to create the CD-R in XA mode 2 form 1, 2048 bytes per

The manpage I have does not list -xa, and describes -xa1 as being
"CD-ROM XA mode 1", saying "[t]he data is a multiple of 2048 byts".  So
I used -xa1 on my first attempt.

But I notice that what I have is supposed to be 2.01, in which the
howto says -xa1 has been renamed.  So I tried cdrecord -help.  It lists
-xa, describes it as being what the howto wants, and says -xa1 is
similar but with 2056-byte sectors.  So I tried burning another disc,
this time using -xa instead of -xa1.

The result boots.  I get NetBSD autoconf messages briefly, then the
machine resets, immediately enough that I haven't managed to read the
last few lines (which presumably would give at least some hint why it's
failing).  Perhaps because I have no keyboard, perhaps because I have a
modem instead of an Ethernet, perhaps something else - I don't know.

So, my question mutates a bit: what processing do I have to perform on
a kernel to turn it into a data track suitable for burning like the
netbsd-kernel.raw file from that www.schnarff.com tarball?  It's not a
9660 filesystem, and unfortunately most of the promising-looking links
in the howto are now 404.

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