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Re: Booting NetBSD/evbarm on QEMU (IntegratorCP)

2013/2/8 Nick Hudson <skrll%netbsd.org@localhost>:
> On 02/08/13 10:04, Sergio López wrote:
>> I've produced a new patch:
>> http://blogs.nologin.es/slopez/uploads/integrator-cp-2013-02-08.diff
> Thanks for updating.
> I have some more comments/questions
> +#if defined(INTEGRATOR_CP)
> +    if (plcomconsattached != 1) {
> +#else
> Why is this needed? I admit I never actually tested the ifpga plcom stuff
> when I committed
> it. I did ask, but no-one seems to have the original integrator hardware
> anymore.

The original code tries to determine which serial device has been
initialized as console early at initarm, but it fails to so because it
was created with a different bus_space_tag and iobase. I was able to
workaround the iobase, but wasn't able to create a "equal" (in terms
of satisfying "bus_space_is_equal") bus_space_tag in a sane way, so I
decided to take a simpler road: assume the first serial device is the


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