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Re: Booting NetBSD/evbarm on QEMU (IntegratorCP)

On 02/06/13 22:43, Sergio López wrote:

As part of a personal project to get familiar with the ARM
architecture, I've been working on getting NetBSD/evbarm to boot on
QEMU. I've based my work on the present support for ARM Integrator
evaluation board.

Right now, it boots and its able to mount root from ramdisk and NFS
(though I've only tested the latter). This emulated board also
includes a PL181 device for memory cards, but is not yet supported.

You can find the patch here:


And a ready to use image here:


Cool. I wanted to do this myself, but never got around to it.

I'd prefer to see it called INTEGRATOR_CP and match the real hardware as close as
possible. If someone has real hardware to test on that'd be even better.

It can be used with something like this: "qemu-system-arm -M
integratorcp -cpu arm1136 -m 128m -kernel netbsd.gz.ub -serial stdio
-net nic -net tap". This image doesn't contain a ramdisk, so you'll
need an NFS with NetBSD/evbarm root, and a properly configured DHCP

I doubt the CPU will make a difference to qemu, so maybe default to the minimum CPU.

"Integrator/CP is compatible with the following Integrator Core Modules: ARM920T, ARM922T-XA10, ARM926EJ-S, ARM946E-S and ARM966E-S, ARM1026EJ-S and ARM1136J(F)-S."

There appears to be a few magic numbers in there - can these be replaced, please? I'll look at some of the other details later


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