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Re: Booting NetBSD/evbarm on QEMU (IntegratorCP)

On 02/08/13 10:04, Sergio López wrote:
2013/2/8 Jeff Rizzo <riz%boogers.sf.ca.us@localhost>:
Playing around a bit more, I suspect there's some timer issues;  for
example, pinging another host results in a several-second-per-packet delay,
though the RTTs look reasonable and short.  Also, the RTC loses about 30m
per hour.

Thanks for the QA! :-)

I've produced a new patch:


Thanks for updating.

I have some more comments/questions

+#if defined(INTEGRATOR_CP)
+    if (plcomconsattached != 1) {

Why is this needed? I admit I never actually tested the ifpga plcom stuff when I committed it. I did ask, but no-one seems to have the original integrator hardware anymore.

cpu0 at mainbus0 core 0: ARM1136J-S r1p3 (ARM11J V6J core)
cpu0: DC enabled IC enabled WB disabled EABT
cpu0: 4KB/32B 4-way L1 Instruction cache
cpu0: 64KB/32B 4-way write-through L1 Data cache
Undefined instruction in kernel
Stopped in pid 0.1 (system) at  netbsd:vfp_attach+0x124:        mrc
  p10, 7, r
1, c7, c0, 0

I haven't took much time to look into this, so I'm not sure if this is
a problem with QEMU, binutils, or that piece of code.

I suspect QEMU doesn't emulate the instruction correctly. I did a quick scan of
qemu 1.3.0 (from pkgsrc) and I couldn't see a ARMCPRegInfo with cp = 10.


We should probably add something. :)


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