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Re: TS7200_INSTALL kernel problem solved - kernel too big!

Ken Hornstein wrote:
Right now really the only solution is to trim some of the fat off
of the TS-7200 kernel.  The TS-7200 has only 32MB of memory in a
few different chunks, and I don't think there are more than 8MB
contiguous (Jesse, if you're still listening ... the memory map in
the TS-7200 documentation seems to be missing this, and I think
it's wrong about the lowest chunk).  In theory I think it would be
possible to rejigger things so a larger kernel could fit ... but
that runs into problems with fitting it in flash (right now not only
does the INSTALL kernel not fit into memory, the non-INSTALL gzipped
kernel doesn't fit into the spot available in flash).
On the TS-7200 (ep9302), the single 32MB SDRAM chip is broken up into 4 8MB SDRAM memory chunks at 0x0, 0x1000000, 0x4000000, and 0x5000000 (IIRC). The reason this is fragmented has to do with a side-effect of Cirrus Logic being clever using the same silicon across the entire ep93xx lineup. Its weird -- I know. I can tell you all sorts of stories about how this has given us so much grief in the past on Linux and other OS... If our memory map is wrong in docs which it very well could be, I will forward this message to our docs guy ronald%embeddedARM.com@localhost to check/fix. Thanks.

If you run out of NOR flash space, it is possible to load files from the compact flash card in RedBoot -- though I think it has to be an ext2 partition.

//Jesse Off

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