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Re: TS7200_INSTALL kernel problem solved - kernel too big!

>On the TS-7200 (ep9302), the single 32MB SDRAM chip is broken up into 4 
>8MB SDRAM memory chunks at 0x0, 0x1000000, 0x4000000, and 0x5000000 
>(IIRC).  The reason this is fragmented has to do with a side-effect of 
>Cirrus Logic being clever using the same silicon across the entire 
>ep93xx lineup.  Its weird -- I know.  I can tell you all sorts of 
>stories about how this has given us so much grief in the past on Linux 
>and other OS...  If our memory map is wrong in docs which it very well 
>could be, I will forward this message to our docs guy 
>ronald%embeddedARM.com@localhost to check/fix.  Thanks.


>If you run out of NOR flash space, it is possible to load files from the 
>compact flash card in RedBoot -- though I think it has to be an ext2 

I think that will be hard to make work, because RedBoot would need to
find the ext2 partition inside of the NetBSD disklabel.  Unless ... RedBoot
could load a traditional "first stage" boot block from the first set of
disk sectors.  But from what I've read, RedBoot can't do that.

I think the only real long-term solution is that someone needs to write
a bootblock for NetBSD that can be stored in flash.  That looks like it
will be a pain, as it will have to have enough knowledge to talk to the
CF card (unless it could ask RedBoot to do that, much like BIOS services
on a PC, but I don't see anything that implies that is possible).  So
much code, so little time ...


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