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Re: TS7200_INSTALL kernel problem solved - kernel too big!


I have tried stripping just about everything out of the kernel
configuration file and rebuilt but still to no avail. I will send you
my config file a bit later. If you want to have a go we can compare


Patrick Collins

On 11/12/2008, Ken Hornstein <kenh%cmf.nrl.navy.mil@localhost> wrote:
> >I have been lurking here hoping that you blokes would be able to find
> >a fix for this problem but things seem to have gone quiet again. I can
> >run 3.1.1 fine on my TS-7200 but 4.0.1 is failing with the same error
> >previously discussed here, i.e. dropping to the debugger. I have also
> >tried CURRENT but am getting the same problem. I am more a user than
> >an operating system hacker so I really wish you good luck with fixing
> >this problem as I am very keen to see NetBSD supported on the TS-7200
> >again.
> I'm sorry, dude, I thought I explained it clearly.
> Right now really the only solution is to trim some of the fat off
> of the TS-7200 kernel.  The TS-7200 has only 32MB of memory in a
> few different chunks, and I don't think there are more than 8MB
> contiguous (Jesse, if you're still listening ... the memory map in
> the TS-7200 documentation seems to be missing this, and I think
> it's wrong about the lowest chunk).  In theory I think it would be
> possible to rejigger things so a larger kernel could fit ... but
> that runs into problems with fitting it in flash (right now not only
> does the INSTALL kernel not fit into memory, the non-INSTALL gzipped
> kernel doesn't fit into the spot available in flash).
> So, if you feel up to it, you can relatively painlessly cross-compile
> a TS7200 and TS7200_INSTALL kernel with a bunch of stuff taken out
> of the kernel config file.  There's a bunch of crap in there that
> you very likely don't need (like all of those USB ethernet adapters,
> for starters).  If you don't feel up to that ... well, I'd be willing
> to do that for you.
> --Ken

Patrick Collins
+61 419 712 581

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