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Re: netbsd-10, merging device-streams (xstreamtodev, rdbinfo)


Could someone take a look at this, or otherwise point me to the right
place to submit this for review/merge?

Best Regards,

On Sun, 26 Feb 2023 at 06:56, Roc Vallès <vallesroc%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> Hi,
> A while back, I updated device-streams, motivated by awareness it
> clobbered data if writes were done above 32bit offsets, which is very
> easy to do as the program targets partitions, they can exist above 4GB
> boundary and large disks are common today.
> This tool is present in the netbsd tree as uuencoded binaries and a tarball.
> https://cdn.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-current/src/distrib/amiga/stand/
> Thus, I worked on a separate git repository.
> https://github.com/rvalles/device-streams
> The work done could be summarized as the removal of dependency on the
> old commercial compiler (SAS/C) it was written for, and the removal of
> 32bit offsets. The program now supports Trackdisk64 and NSD, the newer
> AmigaOS 64bit disk access APIs, while otherwise preventing overflow
> when only the old 32bit API is available.
> Back in September/October, Frank Wille took a look at my changes to
> the code and helped me with getting it to work on vbcc. Thus, the code
> can be built with bebbo/amiga-gcc (oss) and vbcc (free as in beer)
> toolchains.
> Binaries (built with bebbo's gcc) can be found in github's releases
> page and in aminet at:
> https://aminet.net/package/disk/misc/device-streams
> Seeing that netbsd 10 is branched, it would be good to have it merged
> into current and netbsd-10 branches before the release.
> This could be achieved by simply updating the UUCP'd tarball and
> binary, but some consideration should be given to the possibility of
> incorporating the source code into a directory. Note that, being an
> AmigaOS tool, it cannot be built from the netbsd tree with the netbsd
> toolchain.
> Best Regards,
> Roc

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