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Re: tmux patch

On 06/09/2020 18:43, wrote:
checking for setupterm in -lcurses... no

On NetBSD-current this reports yes, because our libcurses depends on libterminfo so it should resolve fine.

checking curses.h usability... yes
checking curses.h presence... yes
checking for curses.h... yes
configure: error: "curses not found"
*** Error code 1

This is the real error.
tmux is *NOT* a curses program, it's a terminfo program.
tmux as bundled with NetBSD base system does NOT link to curses, just terminfo.

tmux configure makes the assumption that curses *must* support terminfo - this of course is a design error because curses does not state anything about terminfo.

It's not helped by ncurses putting curses functions into libtinfo to encourage this misconception. curses backed by the old termcap is still curses.

since no one came up with a better solution, i must assume i am the only one using tmux 3.1b on NetBSD.
so, here is what I did, please check - it should not have any effect on other platforms.
I did not figure out how to invoke autoconf in order to patch which should be the correct way in order to submit upstream.

You could probably just put FAKE_NCURSES=YES in the tmux Makefile as it currently uses the curses pkgsrc framework to make dealing with ncurses more manageable.

Saying that, the package as is builds fine for me as it stands.


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