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Re: Best practices to refresh patches

Jesus Cea <> writes:

> I was expecting to just fire & forget a diff to this mailing list :-).

That tends to result in a few people seeing your diff, sort of nodding
that it seems ok, and forgetting it.

> Is there a workflow documented for new contributors?. I am not sure how
> much effort to invest here, but if the overhead is low enough I could
> spend some time to take care of the packages I care about.

getting permission to write to wip is really easy.  Basically copy the
package from cvs to wip, and then update it, and leave a file COMMIT_MSG
which is the commit message that should be used when doing a commit to
move the package from what's in CVS to what's in wip.  That process
means 1) other can check, test build, critique, fix up and improve,
etc. your in-process update and 2) someone with commit ability to pkgsrc
can update from your package easily.

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