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Re: Best practices to refresh patches

Jesus Cea <> writes:

> I am messing around with pkgsrc and I read in the guide that patches
> should be applied cleanly, with no fuzzing.
> Testing some packages of interest to me, I see that patches are applied
> with fuzzing, in some cases quite significant.
> I wonder what is the best practice to regenerate the patches without
> editing them by hand. I couldn't find any relevant advice in the guide.

I would have said, mkpatches, but it doesn't do that.

If you aren't going to commit a change for defuzzing, it probably does
not make sense to do the defuzzing.   The only reason the line numbers
being off is a real problem is the increased likelihood of future
problems, so unless you are editig the package anyway, it isn't that
useful to fix it up.   Generally we don't worry about this too much, and
people don't make a lot of defuzz-only commits.

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