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Re: firefox still fails on 2020Q1, netbsd-8, amd64

Tobias Nygren <> writes:

> Grep the whole build log for error messages, there should be something
> additional. This is an error that happens when cbindgen fails to do
> something with the C++ compiler.
> Firefox is known to not build on NetBSD-8 due to C++ templating errors,
> so that will most likely be the error.
> We should mark it as NOT_FOR_PLATFORM until we have a solution for this.
> It is turning into a FAQ.

Thanks, but firefox not building on netbsd-8 in stable branches is in my
view a really major problem.  But a BROKEN_ON_PLATFORM with a coherent
comment explaining why seems good.

NOT_FOR_PLATFORM is inappropriate; it's a firefox bug (or a rust bug, or
some other bug) if it won't work on netbsd-8.

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