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Re: Best practices to refresh patches

On 9/5/20 17:57, Greg Troxel wrote:
> I am assuming you have or will get wip access and stage the update
> there.  If you are doing an update anyway you are welcome to defuzz the
> patches.  (Note that by "don't apply cleanly" we usually mean a failure,
> not just a warning that the line numbers were off.)

I was expecting to just fire & forget a diff to this mailing list :-).

Is there a workflow documented for new contributors?. I am not sure how
much effort to invest here, but if the overhead is low enough I could
spend some time to take care of the packages I care about.

PS: The original question is still out there: Is there any automated way
to refresh the patches to avoid fuzzing?. I am referring to this
statement in
"The patch-* files should be in diff -bu format, and apply without a
fuzz to avoid problems. (To force patches to apply with fuzz you can set
PATCH_FUZZ_FACTOR=-F2).". Current patches applies with no error, but
with huge offsets (like >50 lines off).

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