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Re: Failure to build current pkgsrc - gobject-introspection

On Wed, 8 Apr 2020, Riccardo Mottola wrote:

> exactly, very confusiong - at first I thought the latest toolchain of
> 9.9.52 wasn't stable!

That's the first thing I thought with the 9.99.* version I was using when
I posted that original message in the thread I mentioned.

Like you, I tried to exclude packages from being rebuilt with the "-X"
option to pkg_rr in the hope the problem would self-correct and then be
able to go back and run pkg_rr again without the exclusion list.  When
the list of problem packages started growing rapidly, I took a closer
look at the other parts of the series of error messages and that led me
to suspect glib2.

> Luckily just an "inconvenience" of automatic upgrading with no apparent
> things out of date.

Most likely.  Might have been a case of existing dependency being good
enough to build, then get updated out from under it with some subtle
change that made the next use of it break.

> Could it be some subtle change in the system headers or dependency on
> updated system libraries? Or does such an issue arise also without
> updating NetBSD tools and userland itself?

I did not update anything of the NetBSD base system between it working,
then not working and then working again.  Just pkg_rolling-replace and
then explicitly rebuilding "devel/glib2" after the failures appeared.

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