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Re: gvfs, samba

On 13/03/2020 21:23, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
The net/samba (3) and net/samba4  DESCR files do not give statements
about if 3 is mainstream and 4 bleeding edge vs 3 crufty and 4
mainstream.  I bet it's that 4 is normal now.

Thoughts?  Barring none, I'll perhaps do something after I investigate.

I think samba3 can be classed as crufty. Last patch (according to was in 2016 and there have been lots of security updates since then to various 4.x.x versions.

Samba 4.11.7 is the current stable release of samba. So it seems like dropping samba3 is reasonable. Its not an entirely pain free migration from samba 3 to 4 but I've not yet found anthing you can't do and I've used it as both a standalone server and as part of an active directory domain.


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