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Re: thunkderbird build failure on 8.1-STABLE

Mike Pumford <> writes:

> The offending include of is in
> www/firefox68/ on line 68. pkgbase being set to gcc6
> is I suspect a consenquence of the GCC_REQD+=6.1 near the top of the
> same file.

I see that, and it seems not quite right for two reasons:

  It seems one needs to set pkgbase just before including it.
  It seems only allowable in bl3.

> Not sure if the mozilla makefile is wrong or if the check in
> needs tweaking. Last successful thunderbird build
> on 8 stable I have is 11 days ago but there aren't any obvious file
> changes in pkgsrc over that timeframe. I have updated the 8 stable
> sources over that timeframe but again I don't see anything that would
> impact makefile operation. Any suggestions?
> The same file on 9.0-RC1 doesn't cause any issue.

That is surprising, but I think it's because pkgbase is empty, and the
for loop over pkgbase to decide what package to interrogate runs zero
times, and hence does not trigger the error.

I conclude from reading code, that the check for wayland isn't working
anywhere, but I'm not sure I have that right I'd like to hear from
anyone who has gtk3 built with wayland and then builds firefox68.

Can anyone build firefox68 or thunderbird on netbsd-8 (or any other
platform where gcc < 6)?

Absent a fix, I will back out the wayland accomodation in
firefox68/ to restore building of thunderbird and

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