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Re: thunkderbird build failure on 8.1-STABLE

On 19/12/2019 17:33, Greg Troxel wrote:

I just ran pkg_rr, and after 36h, only a handful of packages failed,
including thunderbird.    As usual I am cleaning workdirs and restarting
- but just wanted to say I am seeing this too.

Ouch that's a long cycle time. Good to know its not some quirk of my build setup. I got bitten badly by pkg_rr a long time ago so I now do all my pkgsrc builds in chroot so I can test this in a way that isn't destructive to my systems. :)

Just commented out the offending include and kicked off an i386 build Looking at the makefile in more detail I don't see why it needs to be included at all. I'll know in a few hours if that workround helps.


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