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Re: thunkderbird build failure on 8.1-STABLE

On 15/12/2019 17:38, Mike Pumford wrote:

As far as I can tell gcc6 IS including only from its file so I'm not really sure why this error is being set. I'm seein the same failure on both i386 and amd64 with the same pkgsrc tree. 9.0 doesn't hit this but I think that's because the system compiler version is sufficient.

gcc6 is innocent. It builds fine standalone.

The offending include of is in www/firefox68/ on line 68. pkgbase being set to gcc6 is I suspect a consenquence of the GCC_REQD+=6.1 near the top of the same file.

Not sure if the mozilla makefile is wrong or if the check in needs tweaking. Last successful thunderbird build on 8 stable I have is 11 days ago but there aren't any obvious file changes in pkgsrc over that timeframe. I have updated the 8 stable sources over that timeframe but again I don't see anything that would impact makefile operation. Any suggestions?

The same file on 9.0-RC1 doesn't cause any issue.


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