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Re: icu-60.2 build failure 6.1-STABLE

On 09/04/2018 21:09, Mike Pumford wrote:

1. Installed pkgsrc.tar.gz as part of install.
2. Build gcc 4.9
3. Set GCC_REQD=4.9 in /etc/mk.conf
4. build textproc/icu

I'll keep digging.

Okay the headers (at least in the gcc 4.9 package) are not defining std::round(). Looking into cmath the definition of std::round is inside a #ifdef _GLIBCXX_USE_C99_MATH_TR1 block which isn't defined in c++config.h. Attempting to define it leads to complaints about non-existent functions. At this point it seems like it would be easier to patch icu to just use round instead of std::round at least until the gcc c++ issue can be resolved.


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