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mail/sendmail does not compile on 8.99.14 (Re: openssl-1.1.0g


With recent 8.99.14 version (amd64) 
mail/sendmail (8.15.2) doesn't compile.

The apparent build log shows following line
tls.c: In function 'get_dh512':
tls.c:70:4: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type 'DH {aka struct dh_st}'
  dh->p = BN_bin2bn(dh512_p, sizeof(dh512_p), NULL);

(but does not stop building.., by the way)

My guess is that followng openssl 1.1.0g changes affected.
module Name:    src
Committed By:   christos
Date:           Mon Feb  5 00:13:50 UTC 2018

Modified Files:
        src/crypto/external/bsd/openssh/dist: auth-pam.c cipher.c cipher.h dh.c
            dh.h digest-openssl.c kexdhc.c kexdhs.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c
            monitor.c ssh-dss.c ssh-ecdsa.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-pkcs11-client.c
            ssh-pkcs11.c ssh-rsa.c sshkey.c

Log Message:
patch for OpenSSL-1.1

The changes are not trivial, but I found sendmail. version at
(although this existed since last May). 

I've packaged this version at wip/sendmail and confirmed this compiles
either with 8.99.12 or with 8.99.14, say before and after openssl changes.
If you need sendmail, with recent -current, please try packaging above
wip version. Thank you.

Makoto Fujiwara,
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.
Key fingerprint = 0BFA FAEB EAD1 90BA 7498  8F85 6809 9E0B B7EF A12E

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