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Re: icu-60.2 build failure 6.1-STABLE

On 08/04/2018 12:56, Mike Pumford wrote:
The 6.x machine in question would take forever to build its own packages which is why I use the pkg_comp environment.

Still getting this issue in my pkg_comp1 environment. The package build IS picking up gcc 4.9 as the compiler but for some reason is not getting the cmath header file from the GCC 4.9 package. I tested this by adding a #error to the top of the GCC 4.9 cmath headerfile (which never gets hit)

I've now confirmed that exactly the same thing happens OUTSIDE pkgcomp (ie a standard 6.1-STABLE i386 install). I installed from a 6.1-STABLE ISO (Built locally on 24Feb (which is when the sources date from as well) into a VM and did the following:

1. Installed pkgsrc.tar.gz as part of install.
2. Build gcc 4.9
3. Set GCC_REQD=4.9 in /etc/mk.conf
4. build textproc/icu

I'll keep digging.


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