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Re: icu-60.2 build failure 6.1-STABLE

On 01/04/2018 12:27, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Sun, Apr 01, 2018 at 12:13:05PM +0100, Mike Pumford wrote:

Getting the following building icu on a 6.1-STABLE system

You will need a newer compiler. GCC_REQD=49 or higher in /etc/mk.conf,
rebuild all C++ packages from scratch.

Tried that. Get exactly the same result with both GCC 4.9 and GCC 5.5

I'm doing this in a pkg_comp1 libkver sandbox which makes setting GCC_REQD really hard and I'm wondering if that leads to this side effect regardless of compiler.

To be able to do GCC_REQD=4.9 in pkg_comp I'm having to do the following:
1. Do a bootstrap build of gcc 4.9 in a separate sandbox.
2. Install the gcc 4.9 package using INSTALL_PACKAGES
3. Add a mount hook that only adds GCC_REQD=4.9 into mk.conf once the base tools are install (cwrappers, digest x11-links etc).

If I don't take these steps the pkgcomp bootstrap fails as it can't create the bootstrap environment due to the circular dependency between digest and gcc 4.9!

The 6.x machine in question would take forever to build its own packages which is why I use the pkg_comp environment.


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