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Re: Conventions/policy regarding packages in pkgsrc-wip that use wip/mk/

On 05.01.2018 20:00, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Aleksej Lebedev <> writes:
>> Hello, everyone!
>> I just noticed many packages in wip that end on -git.
>> They all use wip/mk/ which seems to allow fetching
>> sources directly from git.
> There are two separate things that git can mean.  One is that the
> upstream is hosted in git, which shouldn't affect the name.  The other
> is that the package is packaging an unreleased version of the package
> and is expected to change semi-erratically.  The point is not really
> git, but "code from a VCS that does not have releases".  Probably we
> should have some standard suffix to mean this, but the Linux world uses
> -devel to mean "the package parts you need to build against", and -dev
> isn't different enough.  So for now we have a mix of -svn and -git.

-devel is something different.

Suffix -devel means that a package contains files for building from
sources (in Linux distros).

It can also mean that a package is in an unreleased version - for
instance a weekly snapshot.

-git, -svn, -hg, -fossil, -cvs (etc) purpose is to track
HEAD/trunk/master of upstream VCS repository. -vcs packages are
restricted strictly to pkgsrc-wip.

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