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Re: Conventions/policy regarding packages in pkgsrc-wip that use wip/mk/

>> Upstreams should make releases, available as tarballs, and we should
>> package those releases.
>> When they don't have releases, there's a question as to whether we
>> should have packages in main pkgsrc at all.
> I think it's OK to have packages for unreleased versions.
> If I understand it correctly, mk/fetch/ allows to specify
> GITHUB_TAG exactly to handle these cases.

There is a difference between something that is tagged upstream and they
think of it as released/stable/suitable-for-users, and something that is
just "whatever git master pointed to when somebody updated the package".

By release I didn't really mean to say "tarball only".  More the
semantics of upstream deciding that a particular set of files was ok.

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