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Re: Conventions/policy regarding packages in pkgsrc-wip that use wip/mk/

On 2018-01-05 20:00, Greg Troxel wrote:

There are two separate things that git can mean.  One is that the
upstream is hosted in git, which shouldn't affect the name.  The other
is that the package is packaging an unreleased version of the package
and is expected to change semi-erratically.  The point is not really
git, but "code from a VCS that does not have releases".  Probably we
should have some standard suffix to mean this, but the Linux world uses
-devel to mean "the package parts you need to build against", and -dev
isn't different enough.  So for now we have a mix of -svn and -git.

This is clear. I would like to see a common suffix too (be it -dev or
smth else) instead of -svn and -git.

Upstreams should make releases, available as tarballs, and we should
package those releases.

When they don't have releases, there's a question as to whether we
should have packages in main pkgsrc at all.

I think it's OK to have packages for unreleased versions.
If I understand it correctly, mk/fetch/ allows to specify
GITHUB_TAG exactly to handle these cases.

Anyway, than you for the clarification!

Aleksej Lebedev

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