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Re: pkgsrc on PPC64 linux

Al Zick <> writes:

> I installed pkgsrc on PPC64 linux (e5500 cpu). It works with
> pkgsrc-2016Q2.tar.gz, although many packages fail to build. However, a
> recent pkgsrc failed to build anything even though I had a successful
> bootstrap. It sounds like it can't find C. Searching didn't yield
> anything useful. I will need to install a newer pkgsrc to give you the
> exact error. I thought maybe I should check here, before I go any
> further, should pkgsrc work on PPC64 linux, or is the processor an
> issue?

It is likely to work, but I know of no recent data.  If the bootstrap
succeeds, that's a clue that things are mostly ok.

I would recommend that you try with a clean pkgsrc-2017Q4, and that you
post your precise errors.  After bootstrap, build something simple
(devel/m4?).  And if it fails, look at the config.log or whatever inside
the package.

Make sure your /tmp is not messed up.  On NetBSD, it needs to be
writable, and I think it needs to allow execution.   Many problems
manifest as "can't compile executables".

Try compiling a few-line .c file, too, from the command line, to see if
your system is ok to start with.

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