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Re: Compiler with PCH support? gcc-aux and gcc5-aux fail to build


> I can build gcc-aux fine on a NetBSD/amd64 machine.

> I've added --disable-libstdcxx-pch to all gcc versions since gcc49.
> Nobody complained about its absence in the lang/gcc48 package yet,
> but maybe it should be added to it too.

> NetBSD's base GCC is weird. I don't fully understand how it works, but I
> do see e.g.src/external/gpl3/gcc/usr.bin/gcc/arch/x86_64/configargs.h
> contains "--disable-libstdcxx-pch".

> It looks like gcc-aux does its own do-configure stage (overriding
> regular configure). For CONFIGURE_ENV to take effect, you need to
> explicitly pass it for it to take effect.

> It is passing MY_CONFIGURE_ENV, it would be a more minimal change to
> pass the argument through it than also pass CONFIGURE_ENV, so you won't
> need to figure out why it's choosing to ignore CONFIGURE_ENV (which
> might be a platform-specific reason).

I am not familiar with MY_CONFIGURE_ENV or CONFIGURE_ENV so don't know what I need to do to get around the PCH bug.

from Martin Husemann:

> When I first ran into this, I reported in gcc bugzilla and added
> patches to fix them to the gcc 4.8 pkg.

> They are:
> Add host hooks for NetBSD - needed for working precompiled headers.
>         patch-gcc_config_host-netbsd.c
>         patch-gcc_config_x-netbsd

> When failing a PCH read-in, restore some globals to allow the generic
> error reporting to work in pre-PCH context.
>         patch-gcc_ggc-common.c
> default mmap based implementation
> (mmap_gt_pch_get_address/mmap_gt_pch_use_address) is useless
> which has no patch in pkgsrc, the first three patches above avoid it.
> First thing should be to make sure this are properly applied and effective
> for gcc-aux.

I am still unsure what I can or should do to make gcc-aux build on NetBSD i386.

Can the bug be fixed?  

Back in May 2015, I was successful building gcc-aux on NetBSD i386.

I looked at the Makefile history on but couldn't find anything helpful on this issue.

gcc-aux with gcc-4.9.2 may be becoming outdated, but there is still gcc5-aux, and gcc6-aux which is broken on NetBSD as stated in the Makefile.

I looked in the work directory and couldn't find any reference to PCH, I even ran configure --help.


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