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2015-01-01 1890 + 322 to be updated (Re: check-update)

Let me report recent Stats from check-update:

Thank you,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

 Script Time Stamp:	2015-01-01 00:59 JST(+0900)
           Started:	Wed Dec 31 16:00:55 2014 UTC
             Ended:	Thu Jan  1 23:26:50 2015 UTC
           Elapsed:	31:25:55
Found:              1890	These packages are to be updated
TODO flags          322	(excluding above listed)
Up-to-date:         4204	OK, Already up-to-date
NotFound (404):     136	MASTER_SITES returns 404 (may be wrong observation, esp.
Not Available:      3637	Failed to get update info (only listed with -f or -c option)
No Master Sites:    750	(in Makefile)
Forbidden(403/550): 200
Skipped:            746	(Skipped, the name ends with digits)
META_PACKAGE:       34	(Excluding meta-pkgs directory)
Confusing:          203	(Found version wrong, hilighted, only for debug purpose)
Not Listed:         0
Sum of Above:       12122

Total Checked:      12122
Options used:       -u -S 20150101.html

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