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Re: 2015-01-01 1890 + 322 to be updated (Re: check-update)

Hello Makoto and the entire pkgsrc community!

Makoto Fujiwara writes:
> Let me report recent Stats from check-update:
> [...]
> [...] 
Thank you for providing this service!

I looked for various packages that I use and opened various PRs
containing a possible commit message and patches. All of them are
usually just trivial patches:

 o pkg/49324: Update chat/irssi to 0.8.17 (not noticed in your report,
     maybe because chat/irssi uses SITES.*? and seems that irssi-icb is
     incorrectly present in the report (maybe github is a bit nasty)):

      # irssi-icb-0.16.tar.gz is not present...
      $ curl -LO ''
      $ file irssi-icb-0.16.tar.gz 
      irssi-icb-0.16.tar.gz: ASCII text, with no line terminators
      $ cat irssi-icb-0.16.tar.gz 
      {"error":"Not Found"}

 o pkg/49063: Update x11/slock to 1.1 (please give a look to my recent
     reply to that, it includes patches for the latest 1.2)

Keep up the good work!

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