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(2015-01-18) 2232 + 324 to be updated (Re: check-update)

The number is not so different, except MASTER_SITES related.
And there is a problem on calculation.

But the execution time is much short than before
(parallel exec employed now). Daily can be possible :-)

Thanks for attention,
Makoto Fujiwara, 

Found:                 2232 These packages are to be updated
TODO flags:             324 (More to be updated, by TODO)
Up-to-date:            4825 OK, Already up-to-date
NotFound (404):        2167 MASTER_SITES returns 404 (not added to total count)
Not Available:         2550 Failed to get update info (indicated as 0.0)
No Master Sites:        358 (usually in files directory)
Forbidden(403/550):       0 
Skipped:                752 (Skipped, the name ends with digits)
Matured:                 14 (No update expected)
META_PACKAGE:            34 (Excluding meta-pkgs directory)
Confusing:              380 (Found version wrong, hilighted, only for debug purpose)
Not Listed:               0 
Sum of Above:         13636 
Total Checked:        12140 
Started:	 Sun Jan 18 15:37:21 2015
Ended:  	 Sun Jan 18 21:45:15 2015
Elapsed:	            06:07:54
Whole listing:

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