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Re: check-update

>  I'm writing primitive script called check-update.

Improving the patterns to pickup the recent version,
the output slightly getting better.

Now I'm executing category by category, with numbered
output, like sysutils.2.html.
If you look at following URL, with time stamp order,
recent results comes out.;O=D
Still so many things to be improved, especially MASTER_SITES
handling is (kind of) worst. The sample stats is attached.
This comes out (naturally) when the execution completed
(this stats too has errors in number, sorry and thanks).

But please look at the page and please update the packages you
have concern.

Thanks a lot,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

     Started:     Sun Dec 14 22:17:44 2014
     Ended:       Sun Dec 14 23:28:51 2014
Skipped:          0
Found:            116	These packages need to update
OK:               181	Up-to-date
NotFound:         165	MASTER_SITES returns 404 (may be wrong observation)
Not Available:    248	Failed to get update info (indicated as 0.0)
No Master Sites:  26
Options used:     -u -f -c sysutils -S sysutils.2.html
   check-update Version:  2014-12-14 21:21

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