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Re: Messages out of sync? [textproc/icu on NetBSD 6.1.2 (GENERIC) i386]

"Michael A. Patton" <> writes:

> Does it actually make the new binary package twice?  Once before
> becoming root and after root has done a pkg_add of that one and privs
> get dropped, it makes a second one.  The second one is the one that ends
> up in the packages dir.  That means the one in the packages dir isn't
> actually the one installed (although I assume they get made with
> (essentially) the same command so _should_ be the same).  And also,
> while it says "Creating package" twice while root, is that just extra
> verbosity?  I assume it doesn't do it twice...

I think you will find that the new package was created once, in the
working directory, and that the second line is about linking it into the
directory of all packages, so it gets saved.   The intent is that while
"replace" needs a binary package, it doesn't need to save it, so it's
only saved if the user asks for it.  Which pkg_rr does, because I think
it's good to save them.

> But, while I was typing this message, the RR seems to have lost in a
> more major way.  So, I'll look into that tomorrow and maybe start a new
> thread...

Sure, but:

  nuke all working directories

  run it again to figure out which package it will build (with -n)

  do make replace in the failing package

  report the make replace problem with that package, not a pkg_rr

(Because if pkg_rr is choosing the right package and the make replace
fails, it's not a pkg_rr bug, except that often one can't replace a
package for various reasons, and arguably that's a bug in  the whole
incremental-replace strategy.)

Typically you will have to remove a few packages and rebuild them,
because files move between split packages, or other similar issues.

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