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Re: Messages out of sync? [textproc/icu on NetBSD 6.1.2 (GENERIC) i386]

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> I don't know if it does that, but to me it looks like it does create a
> backup of the installed version, 53.1, and then replace it with the
> binary package of 54.1nb1.

Well, the only package in the packages directory was for 54.1nb1.  I
hadn't noticed that it claimed to be making it in "work" which it then
deleted with a "make clean" right after dropping root privs, so I can't
tell if it was doing what you suggest, but it might be.  In which case
it's just that the messages are not sufficiently clear, I guess.  And
doing that is just make-work in this case...


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