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Re: startx doesn't start: can't find screens

With the difficulty I've been having with text terminals, mucked up in 
NetBSD-current amd64, or copy-and-paste gratuitously double-spacing in FreeBSD 
with newcons, I forgot to answer the question about whether I used clang.

No, I used base gcc-4.8.3

I haven't built X on NetBSD-current/6.99.44-i386 but see the text terminal 
looks better than with amd64; I see a mouse pointer/cursor.  So I plan to try 
pkgsrc modular Xorg, maybe wm/icewm13 so I'm not limited to twm, and see if 
that works before building other applications.

I've been having trouble connecting to the Internet on this computer; only way 
on this motherboard from FreeBSD, must be >= 10.0, is with Hiro H50191 
USB-stick wireless adapter, which works only some of the time, a crapshoot. 


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