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Re: startx doesn't start: can't find screens

> On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 07:49:05AM +0000, 
> wrote:      

> > I am now in NetBSD console, unable to startx, can't copy-and-paste as I can 
> > do

> in FreeBSD.                                                                   


> Does your NetBSD have internet access? Then you could mail yourself the log   

> files, or scp them to another of your machines.                               

>  Thomas 

No need to do that,  I have the log files, just can't copy-and-paste in NetBSD.

I can copy-and-paste at a FreeBSD text virtual terminal, am now in newcons as 
opposed to syscons, so copying and pasting tends to gratuitously double-space.

Virtue of newcons is the ability to run X and then return to a text console.


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