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Detecting OS-provided software on Linux


I'm hoping to use pkgsrc to build software that will be used within
environment modules on a shared filesystem for a compute cluster.

Initial tests are promising, but I've noticed that pkgsrc does not
detect all the software that was installed by the native (RPM) packaging
system. The resultant duplication of software is inefficient and
undesirable; particularly as I will have multiple independent software
trees managed by separate pkgsrc instances.

What I would like, is some way to either export information from a
system's RPM database to pkgsrc, or some means for pkgsrc to dynamically
query the installed RPM's when checking dependencies. Is there any easy
way to do either of these?

Assuming that there isn't already a script to create "fake" pkgsrc
database entries corresponding to the installed RPM's, what would be the
minimum that would need to be created for each entry to satisfy
dependency checks?

Also, is there any support for using environment modules with pkgsrc? 


Iain Morgan

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