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Re: Detecting OS-provided software on Linux

On 22 January 2014 23:56, Iain Morgan <> wrote:
> Initial tests are promising, but I've noticed that pkgsrc does not
> detect all the software that was installed by the native (RPM) packaging
> system. The resultant duplication of software is inefficient and
> undesirable; particularly as I will have multiple independent software
> trees managed by separate pkgsrc instances

It would be interesting to hear what the maintainers and seasoned
users would say.

The way I understand it, pkgsrc does not interface with native (or
foreign) package managements on non-Netbsd systems and therefore does
not check dependencies outside the pkgsrc tree.

Nor it would be desirable, as a package build by this or that package
management would be built in different ways.

I think there's a build option to check if a file exists in the base
system (I'm referring to but I'll leave that to the
developers to determine if it can apply to Linux systems. I don't
think so, because a Linux distro doesn't know the concept of base
system, but I could be wrong.


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