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Re: Detecting OS-provided software on Linux

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 02:56:10PM -0800, Iain Morgan wrote:
|Initial tests are promising, but I've noticed that pkgsrc does not
|detect all the software that was installed by the native (RPM)
|packaging system. The resultant duplication of software is inefficient
|and undesirable; particularly as I will have multiple independent
|software trees managed by separate pkgsrc instances.

how about doing it the other way - pkgsrc can be told to create native
packages for at least Solaris and RedHat (iirc). With tweaking you may
be able to make your OS package system be the one source of truth rather
than split it up ... still don't know whether that would prompt pkgsrc
to pick already-installed native packages over recompiling a pkgsrc one
though ...

|What I would like, is some way to either export information from
|a system's RPM database to pkgsrc, or some means for pkgsrc to
|dynamically query the installed RPM's when checking dependencies. Is
|there any easy way to do either of these?

I think the problem of namespaces is going to ruin your day here - none
of the linux distros even get the same name for the identical package
across the board and I can't really see how this could be achieved
without a lot of work to maintain it ...


Malcolm Herbert

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