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Re: pkgsrc/mail/sendmail anomalies

On May 12,  9:46am, Richard PALO wrote:
} It appears that files/site.config.m4 in pkgsrc/mail/sendmail is only 
} used during build (devtools/Site), but configuration of a is 

     Correct, site.config.m4 is only used at build time.  It has been
this way ever since the introduction of the use of m4 to create
configuration files. is a user generated file, which can
contain whatever you want.

} done after install where this file *could* and *should* contain a number 
} of important configuration parameters, for instance:
}    define(`QUEUE_DIR', `${VARBASE}/spool/mqueue')
}    define(`MSP_QUEUE_DIR', `${VARBASE}/spool/clientmqueue')
}    define(`confCONTROL_SOCKET_NAME', `${VARBASE}/spool/mqueue/.control')
} I seem to be able to get QUEUE_DIR working if I put it directly into 
} to be picked up alright at build time, but I believe there is still a 
} problem with sendmails PidFiles.

     You can specify the location of the PidFile with confPID_FILE.
See the README file located in ${PREFIX}/share/sendmail, which is the
standard document detailing the contents of an mc file.

} Is there any consensus on preference of ensuring these work by 'default' 
} build time (source code patches to suggest upstream) or to use the SUBST 
} tools and simply "fix" the m4 files.

     "fix"ing the m4 files is likely to be inappropriate.  The mc files
could be "fix"ed but I don't know if I want to make them overly
complex.  In all the years that sendmail has been in pkgsrc, nobody
else has complained.

} Also, /etc/rc.d/sendmail seems confused as well as to pathnames 
} hardcoding /usr/sbin/sendmail instead of 
} ${PREFIX}/libexec/sendmail/sendmail, is this broke on purpose?

     It is not broken.  See the MESSAGE displayed at the end of the
installation advising you about setting up /etc/mailwrapper.conf.  I
will also point out that most third party apps that want to execute
sendmail directly will look for it either in /usr/sbin/sendmail or
/usr/lib/sendmail, which pretty much means that you must at least have
a symlink in one of those locations.

}-- End of excerpt from Richard PALO

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