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pkgsrc/mail/sendmail anomalies

It appears that files/site.config.m4 in pkgsrc/mail/sendmail is only used during build (devtools/Site), but configuration of a is done after install where this file *could* and *should* contain a number of important configuration parameters, for instance:
  define(`QUEUE_DIR', `${VARBASE}/spool/mqueue')
  define(`MSP_QUEUE_DIR', `${VARBASE}/spool/clientmqueue')
  define(`confCONTROL_SOCKET_NAME', `${VARBASE}/spool/mqueue/.control')

I seem to be able to get QUEUE_DIR working if I put it directly into and MSP_QUEUE_DIR in CONTROL_SOCKET_NAME seems to be picked up alright at build time, but I believe there is still a problem with sendmails PidFiles.

Is there any consensus on preference of ensuring these work by 'default' build time (source code patches to suggest upstream) or to use the SUBST tools and simply "fix" the m4 files.

Also, /etc/rc.d/sendmail seems confused as well as to pathnames hardcoding /usr/sbin/sendmail instead of ${PREFIX}/libexec/sendmail/sendmail, is this broke on purpose?


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